Silver Lake

2019 Silver Lake Clean Boats/Clean Waters Personnel and Schedule

See bios and pics here:

See Seankay and Tanya’s schedule here:

Tanya (Sparky) Devendorf:

Seankay (Shawn-kay) Akinkuehinmi:

This schedule is a Google Sheet in the cloud, updated in real time, so anytime you use the link to access it, you will see the most up to date copy.  If it's looking like all-day rain, or a day with lots of thunderstorms and danger of lightning, the inspectors will adjust their schedule accordingly to try and make sure we are hitting the best times to be at the landing.

Tanya will kick-off the season this weekend, while Seankay gets his internship paperwork and living arrangements squared away. Then Seankay will be your full-time inspector!